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The Merish2 is an extremely user-friendly Midi/Mp3 Player with unique control and editing functions. The Merish2 offers complete control of the musical evening.

Give your audience a fantastic SOUND and a thrilling BEAT!


  • Midi – Mp3 Player with video interface
  • LCD TFT 4,3″ 95 x 33mm colour display
  • Dual 32 Channel, 108 note Midi generator
  • MP3 file Transposition and Time Stretching , voice cancelling
  • Microphone channel with dynamic compressor, parametric 4-band equalizer, pitch shifter, reverb, delay and pitch adjust (tune your voice)
  • Marker reading*, up to 9,000 playlists with 250 songs each
  • “GO TO” function for linking any two MIDI files
  • Wizard cueing to automatically and musically mix the MIDI files with Markers.
  • 625 sounds & percussions, 25 drum kits on 64 MB
  • Drummers’ clock and Expander functions for both Mac & PC
  • MIDI archive with search by title, artist and genre
  • Real-time tracks editing
  • Compact Flash e USB Pen Drive memory
  • Dimensions: W. 31cm – H. 8.5cm – D. 24cm / Weight: 2.5 Kg

*All the Midi Files produced by M-Live come with Markers built-in


Next Song
Function used to position the Song after the one being sung.

Go To
Function used to jump between songs but without sharp breaks. The songs are mixed musically, complying with time signatures and changes in tempo.

M-Live backing tracks contain markers, which divide songs into sections: Intro, Verse, Chorus etc.

Playlist with Wizard e Short
The Wizard algorithm is applied to the playing of Playlists. The user can set the type of transition from one song to the next in the Playlist in various ways: cross-fading at the end of the song, sharp switch from one song to the next, or the Short function, which allows setting of a maximum play time (e.g. 2.5 minutes) after which the system moves on to the next song. Mixing will always be controlled by the Wizard algorithm to provide a musically impeccable sequence.

WSF e Insert Effect
The Insert Effects are special effects added to some tracks of the Midi accompaniment. For example, a real distortion effect on an electric guitar sound, or a Flanger or a Phaser on an electric piano, a Wha Wha guitar, etc. etc. Thanks to the WSF function, the Merish2 adds up to two Insert Effects for each track, in addition to the standard effects, intelligently and without any assistance from the user. The user is also able to select the Insert Effects and adjust their levels.


The Merish2 panel offers you all controls in real time and choosing functions could not be easier. With the Merish2 you get right to the point: for example, to turn down the drums or bass, you just move the specific sliders, and all changes are within easy reach. A set of 6 sliders allows the Midi Backing Track to be modified in real time. There is no need to access complicated editing pages; everything is done “on the spot”.


The Merish2 reads USB pen drives written on a PC. They can be navigated by folders, or with searches by title, artist or musical genre. Searches are very fast, even amongst tens of thousands of songs. With the enclosed software for use on PC or Mac, users can optimise their musical databases to make full use of the Merish2’s functions. It all happens automatically and on Merish 2 your repertoire will sound fantastic! The Merish2 is fully compatible with the standard Midi formats, but also reads Mf3/Mf4/Mf5.


A high-definition colour display gives you a constant view of the song’s lyrics and chords, even while you are surfing specific functions and lists. The volume and effects control sliders and trimmers give immediate access to the sound output mix, the equalizer, the voice and harmonizer effects.


Merish2 has a Micro Mixer for quick control of the vocal audio parameters and the backing track. The perfect balance of volumes, equalization and effects with easy hand controls.


The heart of the Merish2 consists of two powerful DSPs which host 64 Mb of sounds and can play 32 Midi tracks. Sound generation is designed in accordance with the latest trends, to make the best possible sounds available to the Midi Files. So any standard Midi File is raised to high quality levels. M-Live Midi Files are carefully mixed to give the very best results on a device like the Merish2.


One of the innovative features of the Merish2 is the option of connecting a PC keyboard for giving commands or typing a text on the display. This makes searching for a song in maybe thousands of files in the music database much quicker and easier. With the keyboard connected to the Merish2 locating songs amongst maybe thousands of titles is very quick: just type the title or artist and press “Enter”. Function keys F1 to F12 offer you complete, immediate control off the Merish2’s live functions.


Downloading your repertoire of backing tracks has never been so easy: the Merish2 reads the computer’s music files directly from a USB Pen. You can copy the folders with all the Songs inside and the Merish2 will read them in just a few seconds.


The Merish2 features a second microphone input. Even professional microphones can be used, thanks to the Phantom power option. The audio quality has been considerably improved.




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