Hardware for your music


The pocket band!

DIVO is an extremely compact device providing you with all the features you need for your musical performances. It represents the best among stand-alone devices dedicated to reading, storing and playing digital backing tracks. It reads Midi, Audio, Multitrack* (MTA8 in DIVO Plus and Pro versions), Video.



B.Beat is the perfect device to enhance and simplify the Live performances of Bands using Stereo Sequences or Multitracks, even with Videos and Images. With B.Beat on stage you no longer need Computers, Tablets, Audio/Video Cards, Cables, Mixers: B.Beat manages the Sequences and lets you enjoy the pleasure of playing, without worries.

Merish5+ Plus ‚Äď The Live Machine

The latest version of the best Audio / Midi Player. Reads and plays MTA files , multi Audio track. Finally the possibility to modify in real time an audio Backing Tracks. Merish5 + PLUS includes the three Plug In: Grinta Live, Prompter and Audio PRO . Read Wave audio files and more. With Prompter it allows to read text and agreements remotely, with tablet or smartphone. 512 GB internal storage .

merish 5

the live machine

In a single machine everything you need to play and sing at the highest levels. Merish5 is the evolution of previous versions and represents the best of stand alone devices dedicated to reading, archiving and playing digital backing tracks. Merish5 includes all the features of its predecessors, but has been optimized and completely redesigned.

live music device

MixLight includes: a Expander Midi with Audio and 848 sounds tab, a Mixer that manages 7 sound sources (4 mono channels + 1 stereo) + 2 channels for internal backing tracks and and balanced outputs , a Multi effect with Semi-parametric Eq , a Harmonizer with 4 Voices controlled Midi or automatic chorus generation .

the pocket band!

Okyweb 4 is a powerful Music File reader with a General Midi generator derived from Merish with 108 notes of polyphony. The generator includes 848 acoustic and percussive sounds, with 46 Drum Kits. The Sound has been studied by M-Live thanks to its thirty years of experience in the Midi field, to achieve maximum compatibility with all General Midi productions, and particularly with the Backing Tracks available on Songservice

X-LIGHT 4: best sound for your computer

X-Light 4 is an evolution of X-Light 3: a small module that works as a sound generator in combination with Windows PC computer, Apple Mac and iPad / iPhone

Grinta Karaoke App

M-Live has created an app that transforms your iPad into a complete Karaoke station, capable of playing MIDI files with text, MP3 with text and the popular MP3 + G format. With Grinta Karaoke your iPad becomes a faithful companion for professional performances and pleasant moments of leisure with family or friends.