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How to update Merish 2 firmware

(Last avaiable release: ver. 2.21)

  • Check the current firmware version
    • When the Merish 2 is powered on, a screen with the product logo appears: at the top right there is the firmware version currently installed. If the latest firmware version is installed, you do not need to upgrade.

  • Download the Firmware
    • The updated firmware version of Merish 2 can be downloaded as a .zip archive by clicking this link.
    • Once the file is downloaded, extract all the files and copy them into a USB pen, keep it in the root directory and not in a subfolder.
    • Remove the USB pen from your PC.

  • Update the firmware
    • Unplug the USB cable from Merish 2 if connected.
    • Insert the USB pen into the appropriate Merish 2 port (when it is turned off) and turn it on.
    • Merish 2 recognizes the presence of the new firmware and starts the upgrade process.
      (WARNING: During the upgrade process Merish 2 may ask you if you want to initialize the USB pen: in this case, press ESC)
    • Wait for Merish 2 to return to the Home screen that shows the TITLE panel before removing the USB pen.

Merish 2 is now updated to the latest firmware version available.

News of the version 2.21 of Merish 2 firmware:

  • Added the option to export the playlist for Merish 3.

News of the version 2.20 of Merish 2 firmware:

  • It has been improved the compatibility with some USB pen models.
  • It has been made compatible with the text format for MP3 files made with WinLive.
  • It has been added the possibility to connect the PC USA keyboard as well as the Italian keyboard.
  • Sono stati risolti bug minori sul preset del microfono e sul salvataggio dei MIDI Files dopo l’ Editing
  • Fixed minor bugs  when saving MIDI files after editing and minor bugs on microphones presets.

News of the version 2.12 of Merish 2 firmware:

  • It has been added the option to search a string only at the beginning of a title, interpreter, genre, or filename.

For example, if you search for “SEA” with standard search, the title “The winter sea” is found, but with the search from the beginning it is not found;
If you type “Love” and choose search from the beginning, it finds all and only the elements that begin with “Love”, to activate search from the beginning:

By using PC keyboard:

  • with F6 you begin your search.
  • type what you want to search.
  • By pressing F6 the string is searched only at the beginning of the active list.

By NOT using PC keyboard:

  • with SEARCH you begin your search.
  • you enter what you want to search by using the dialer and ENTER.
  • while holding down SEARCH for a long time (about 1 sec), the string is searched only at the beginning of the active list
  • Fixed reported issues that concern:
    • the saving of the tonality in some types of MP3.
    • the display of some special characters on the TV Out.
    • the delay effect of the MIC2 and harmonizer and on MIC1.
    • the Bridge function.

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