Who we are

M-Live S.r.l.

Founded in Rimini in 1987, M-live has been working as Italian leader in the MIDI sector (Software and Players) for 30 years.

M-Live s.r.l. operates on two lines of business:

– MIDI and MP3 digital music players;
– Backing tracks for the entertainment industry.

Our vocation

The instruments produced by M-Live remove all the obstacles between individuals and musical experience: music is a code of expression that not everyone has the chance to learn, but that has to be brought within reach of all.

Everyone has the innate ability to express their emotions through the language of sounds, having a thrilling learning experience.

We want that the emotions of music can reach as many people as possible.

Lean structure

M-Live is based in Italy, at San Giovanni in Marignano, near Rimini, and it is the leading organisation in the Italian music industry.

Musicians, sound engineers and IT experts make up the heart of its work-force.

Come at M-live and meet us! We will show you around our studios and will introduce you to our staff!

Brief History of the Company

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