How to update Merish5 Software

VIA WI-FI or ETHERNET CABLE (available in version 1.1 and later versions)

1.Check for a new version
It’s necessary to connect Merish5 to the Internet (via WI-FI USB or cable), then you go to OPTIONS and then UTILITIES. If in the “SOFTWARE UPDATE” button appears the yellow symbol of the update, this means that new version is available

2.Update the Software
Go to OPTIONS then UTILITIES, click on “Software Update”. Merish5 automatically downloads and installs the new latest version. Follow the instructions on the screen till the procedure is completed.

NOTE: Make sure you have no other files named “m5SysSw.upd” in the Download folder of your PC.

1. Check for a new version.
To check the system version number currently installed on your machine you just have to click on OPTIONS and then SYSTEM.
If you have 1.1 Software Version (or previous one) it is necessary to do the update.

2.Download SOFTWARE VERSION 1.8 (from this version is available Prompter and Audio PRO)
– The update version of Merish5 firmware can be downloaded as a .upd file clicking on THIS LINK.
– Once the file has been downloaded copy it on a USB stick. -Remove USB stick from your PC. 3.Update the software on Merish5
– Insert USB stick in one of USB ports of Merish5.
– Wait until Merish5 recognizes the USB (the USB button shall be shown in the SONGS window).
– Touch OPTIONS and then UTILITIES, then touch the UPDATE button in the SOFTWARE UPDATE area.
– Merish5 recognizes the new firmware and it starts the updating procedure that will take a few minutes.
– Follow the instructions at the end of the procedure (NOTE: at the end of the update procedure it is possible that Merish shows the “RESTART” button: in this case, please disconnect the USB stick, click on RESTART and when the Merish5 logo appears on the screen, just switch off and switch on again the machine).
– Wait for the Merish5 to start again, check the software version as indicated at point 1, in case the update has not been accomplished, please repeat the procedure.

New features in 1.8 Software Version:

Release date Dec 09, 2019

Enabled plug-ins in “Audio Pro” and “Prompter”, also available with AllSong subscription
Chords in Italian format on the key and possibility to import file chords in GMX format
Fix some bugs on text editing and chords
Fixed some problems with public WiFi networks
Fixed bug on MIDI OUT and MIDI click problem
Fixed some GrintaLive bugs
Added confirmation message delete quick list
Added pedal notification connected when the effects screen opens

New features in 1.7 Software Version:

Release date Oct 04, 2019

Added show/hide songs button sung on Live Grit Plugin
Added the feature to synchronize a single folder as a Grinta Live repertoire
Added the feature to show/hide the repertoire on the Grinta Live plugin
Fixed some bugs in the Grinta Live plugin
Improved karaoke text editing
Improved special sound operation
Improved marker editing
Improved management of connection problems
Fixed problems when editing the mf3 and mf4 files
Added the ability to edit the author on the info screen
Fixed some minor bugs

New features in 1.6 Software Version:

Release date July 23, 2019

Plug-in management added.
Grinta Live plugin activated
Solved some minor bugs

New features in 1.5 Software Version:

Release date June 27, 2019

Special sound mode has been implemented and activated with possibility of new sounds viewing on the page.
New text scroll mode implemented both on TV and LCD “Scroll”, improved viewing of text on external TV in 2 blocks mode.
Possibility to have Melody and/or Midi track on CLICK output has been implemented.
Play/Stop function for pedal has been added
Show Folder button in info Songs page allows the user to go directly to SONG folder.
Possibility to start from MARKER has been implemented
Possibility to start from MARKER or selected position for Midi and Mp3
Harmonizer and Melody Tracker page interface has been improbe with transpose management
DELAY effect quality on MIC1 and MIC2 has been improved.
Empowered compatibility for USB sticks and external USB hard disks
HDMI: improved and empowered compatibility with TV (640x480p resolution has been added).
System warning in case of maximum limit in hard disk capacity is reached.
Masterkeyboard transpose feature has been added.
Minor bugs on chords and text and chords save in MP3 have been solved.
Issue on MIDI CLOCK has been solved.
Minor bugs on patches and on managing of Masterkeyboard have been solved.
User’s interface bugs have been solved.
Function of some files in MF4 format has been restored
Pitch track viewing on TV has been corrected.

New features in 1.4 Software Version:

Release date 27 Mar 2019

New video format available: MP4 , MOV e MKV. Not supported video formats will be signaled on pressing PLAY button.
Empowerd MP3 compatibility and lyrics viewing.
Added features that increase/decrease the volume of single MIDI file with possibility to save it inside the song.
Empowered WiFi connection.
Rarely should happen a system freeze on Merish5 boot: solved.
Solved issue on Melody Tracker “ function and other minor audio bugs on equalizer and master keyboard.
Solved issue on “Loop” function in Markers window.
Solved minor issues in “Songs Log” function.

New features in 1.3 Software Version:

Release date 21 Feb 2019

Empowered WiFi features and added function that delete the network corrently in use.
Changed user interface for MIDI EDIT.
Empowered graphic settings for chords over text visualizzation.
Now MP3+CDG e VIDEO can be shown in full screen.
Empowered compatibility with MIDI files , MP3 e MP3 + CDG.
MIC Mute (pressing 4secs the SMOOTH key). Press SMOOTH again to enable.
Empowered volume EFX Voices on MIC.
Empowered search with special national characters and list of the files with hundreds of songs in the folder.
Decrease time of boot for large archives.
Added eject button for USB stick and USB HDD
Solved issue on chord’s visualizzation if changed tonality.

New features in 1.2 Software Version:

Notification of a new software release on main page. Empowered compatibility with MP3, MP3-CDG and MIDI Files. New features in SEARCH function: – Capital letters lock. – Quick search via F7 key of a PC keyboard connected via USB port. – Research inside folders (holding search button for a few seconds). Correction of an issue in file management. Minor bugs correction

New features in 1.1 Software Version:

Empowered and improved communication with the internet, both via USB and Ethernet cable. MP3 text can be read in standard format and the procedure of import of CDG Files has been improved. Improved Microphone control, especially in preset save. Empowered Midi files compatibility. Melody Mute Led blinks when Half-Mute is selected. In Recording, when you use “Start On Rec” the recording starts and ends with the song. Corrections of some issues with

  • “GO-TO” MIDI files
  • Update procedure

With this release, following update mode are also enabled:


1. Download the software
NOTE: If you have Merish5 Manager installed , step 1 can be skipped.
– Update version of Merish5 Manager can be downloaded HERE for windows and HERE for Mac.
– Install the software and wait for the procedure to be accomplished.

2.Start transfer mode
– Turn on the Merish5.
– Connect Merish5 to the internet via WIFI or LAN from the page OPTIONSNEWTWORK and wait for Merish5 to recognize the connection and gives the Connected notification.
– Go back to main page, leaving the OPTIONS area.
– In the main page without any uploaded song , 3 buttons are showed in the Karaoke text section
– Touch the button on the left, TRANSFER.

3.Steps on Merish5 Manager
– Check that your PC is connected to the same network of your Merish5
– Open Merish5 Manager on your PC/MAC.
– Wait for the Merish5 Manager to recognize Merish5 and to open the page with the list of the files on PC (left) and on Merish (right)
– Click on Options button (Gear Icon) on the upper side of the page.
– A page with 4 buttons will be shown, click on central button “SYSTEM UPDATE OF YOUR MERISH”, an uploading window will be shown, wait until the procedure is accomplished
– Close Merish5 Manager at the end, go back to Merish5 and exit the file data transfer mode.

4.On Merish5
– Go to OPTIONSUTILITIES and in the Software Update area click on UPDATE.

1.Connection to the network
– Turn on Merish5.
– Connect Merish5 to WIFI or LAN in the OPTIONSNETWORK page and wait for the Merish5 to recognize the connection and to indicate connected status in notifications.

2. Software Update
– From OPTIONS area Touch the UTILITIES
– In Software Update touch Update button.
– Merish5 will check for available online update and if any is found it will show a window with request to proceed with updating.
– Touch YES and wait for the end of the procedure.
– Once the procedure is accomplished, switch off and on again the machine.