Grinta Live is a system designed for managing a karaoke evening via the web. Grinta Live allows the audience of a venue to consult via mobile phones the library made available to the entertainer by Merish5.

Grinta-Live consists of two parts that interact:

  • Grinta Live Plug In, which is enabled on Merish5 (through the subscription or buying the plug-in). Merish5 must be updated to version 1.6 or higher.
  • An App that runs on a smartphone and is downloaded from App Store or Google Play.

Using the App on a smartphone it is possible to send personal requests or book a performance on stage being accompanied by Merish5 Backing Tracks.

You can view the lyrics of the Songs played by Merish5 and synchronized with the Backing Track, also with the mobile phone or tablet. Using Merish5, the entertainer who manages the evening can accept or reject the requests coming from the audience, can adjust the tone of the Backing Track and can manage the list of requests.


Synchronise the library of your Backing Tracks

Choose your stage name to be found by your Fans

Open an event and manage the bookings

Your audience will be able to see the library, choose the songs and read the lyrics!

For further information CONSULT THE MANUAL
Grinta Live App for Smartphone is available for iOS and Android, and it is FREE.

Disponibile su Google Play

The audience see your library

People search for the preferred title and launch an immediate request which is directly acknowledged by your Merish5

On your mobile phone you can read the lyrics of the songs that are being played by Merish5

Activate Grinta Live for a 15-day free trial directly from Merish5.

Grinta Live Plug In is also available for for free everyone who is in possess of ALLSONGS subscription

See ALLSONGS subscription

Alternatively, you can activate Grinta Live on your Merish5 for one year at the cost of €59.

Activate the plug in now