the best sound for your computer


technical information


X-Light 3 is a small module that operates as a sound generator in combination with Windows PCs, Apple Mac computers and iPad/iPhone.

X-Light 3
is able to play any music file, MIDI or MP3 and Wave audio files. It’s the perfect companion to the live musician who wants to have a competitive edge with respect to internal sound cards for computers.

If you love to play MIDI files with computer softwares such as Grinta Karaoke, Winlive, Van Basco or others, X-Light 3 is the module that suits you best; that’s because of the sound library developed by M-Live which is especially calibrated to Standard MIDI files. These sounds come from the experience gained with products such as MERISH and Expander.

X-Light 3
is a very easy to use Plug & Play module: just plug the USB cable to your PC and you’re done. No need for external power supply*, and you can connect it to your professional audio system or amplified speaker set at home.

*When used with iPad or iPhone, you must connect the power supply.



INs & OUTs:

  • USB input for both MIDI & audio and power from Windows and Apple Mac PCs
  • RCA Left + Right audio ouput
  • headphone output
  • Audio Cable stereo IN from PC or other sources


  • 128 MB sound library
  • 866 sounds and percussions
  • 47 drum kits
  • 108 note polyphony MIDI generator

General specs:

  • frequency response: 20 Hz ÷ 20 kHz ± 3 dB
  • distortion (THD + Noise): <0,01% 20 Hz ÷ 20 kHz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: -85 dB
  • power supply 9V-DC (for devices that need to be powered)
  • dimensions: 17,1 x 10,7 x 4,7 cm
  • weight: 0,75 kg