Connect your Tablet or Smartphone to Merish5 and read the lyrics and the chords of Midi and MP3 Backing Tracks with the text you are playing from every point of the stage. Prompter trasforms your iPhone or Tablet in a real electonic lectern, and it helps you during your live performances. You can share lyrics and chords with other members of your Band, and it will be easier to perform a music piece which has not been learnt by heart yet.

View the lyrics and the chords of your songs free on the stage

Set the display mode of the lyrics and the chords according to your preference

This App functions Merish5 and with all Midi and Mp3 files which contain the text and the chords of the original song. Choose the colours and the dimensions, set the mode for the chords display.

Disponibile su Google Play

Activate Prompter for a free trial of 15 days directly from Merish5.

The Prompter Plug-In is available free for every owner of ALLSONGS subscription

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Or activate Prompter on your Merish5 at the cost of € 29.

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