Live Music Device

Expander PRO with integrated mixer.

Mix Light includes: a Midi Expander with Audio Card and 848 Sounds, one Mixer with 7 sound sources (4 mono channels + 1 stereo channel) + 2 channels for the internal backing tracks and two balanced outputs, Multi-effect with Semiparametric Eq, a 4 Voices Harmonizer with Midi control or auto chorus generation.

When connected to the Computer Mix Light is able to record on Audio Software, Cubase type.

Mix Light plays the Midi and Audio backing tracks when connected to PC or Tablet, and it has Audio Card features. Performance can be mixed, and recorded directly to PC via the simple USB connection. You can also connect a keyboard and use the Mix Light sound bench to play live.




The expander included in the Mix Light consists of two Midi sound generators with a total of 32 Midi channels and 168-voice polyphony. The sound memory contains the entire Merish 4 database of 366 instrumental sounds and 482 percussive sounds subdivided into 46 drumkits. Mix Light is particularly suitable for the Midi File repertoire programmed by M-Live but will also play third-party repertoires very well.

Mix Light also functions as a sound card, enabling it to play Mp3 files stored on the connected PC or Tablet. Backing Tracks have their own channel on the Mix Light mixer, and can be mixed or equalised exactly as required, independently from the equalisation of the other channels.


The Mixer included in Mix Light is perfect for live performances and includes user-friendly, quick controls. It is able to mix and equalise 7 separate sound sources.

7 sources = 4 mono Ch + 1 stereo Ch + 1 MIDI channel + 1 Sound Channel

Settings can easily be recalled using 10 saved presets, 3 of them directly accessible on the panel. The panel carries 6 channels, consisting of 4 mono inputs + 1 stereo input. 2 other audio channels are provided for mixing and equalising the backing track being played.





The Mix Light includes a powerful effects generator which can be used both on the voice and on the instruments connected by means of the audio inputs provided. The Multi-Effects generator includes Reverb and Delay, Noise Gate and Compressor. Phantom power can be activated on the microphone inputs. The equaliser is semi-parametric with 3 Bands, Low, Mid and HI, with gain, frequency and Q control. 10 presets, complete with all settings, can be saved.


The Harmonizer is a special effect which can enrich your voice with automatically, intelligently harmonised choral backing.

The harmonizer is 4-part type and is active on the first Mixer channel. It is able to operate with specially programmed Midi Files (e.g. M-Live midi files) or with controls from the keyboard or midi controller. It can generate vocal backing automatically thanks to the pushbutton or pedal-controlled Auto Harmony function.

Other vocal special effects such as Doubler, Gender and pitch quantisation are available on the first channel.

MIDI Expander

  • Via USB 2 Midi ports with 16 Channels.
  • Polyphony 168 voices.
  • Soundfont: 366 sounds. Percussions 482 sounds in 46 Drum Kits.
  • Total 848 Sounds.
  • Volume control and 3-band semiparametric equalization: Low, Mid and Hi with gain control, frequency and Q.

AUDIO sound module 

  • Digital audio output via USB with volume control and 3-band semiparametric equalization.
  • Digital audio input via USB (for recording) with volume control.

LINE Channels /MIC  from 1 to 4

  • Microphone (XLR) and Line (Jack) Input.
  • Gain Control, Panorama Control, Reverb and Delay Effects Control.
  • Compressor and Noise Gate control.
  • Activate Phantom Power on the Microphone.
  • Semi-parametric 3-band Equalizer: Low, Mid and Hi with gain control, frequency and Q.
  • 10 scenarios (presets) where you can save the settings above. 3 presets for quick panel recall.
  • “Smooth” button for announcements.

LINE Channels 5/6

  • Input with Line impedance.
  • Panoramic control.
  • Semi-parametric 3-band Equalizer: Low, Mid and Hi with gain control, frequency and Q.

Input Line 1

  • 4 voices Harmonizer (with MIDI Harmony Control) and Auto-Harmony with auto correction of Choirs. 6 presets, pedal control, volume control.
  • Effects of type “Doubler”, “Gender” (funny male – female) and “Quantizing pitch”.

Audio Output

  • Double balanced audio output (Main and AUX) with anti-bump control.
  • Headphone output.

MIDI Input

  • MIDI cable input with Expander function (PC / Tablet) or single split master keyboard.
  • In Master mode you can choose the instrument and the channel settings.


323 x 300 x 50 W: 2,9 Kg.