Super Sound MIDI & MP3 Karaoke Player


technical information


Okyweb 3, the best for the best!

Okyweb 3 Super Sound represents the evolution of a great success. Europe’s best selling Karaoke Player acquires new functions, while keeping ease of use and reliability. Okyweb 3 memorises and plays thousands of songs in every format, including Karaoke Mp3. It displays on TV screen lyrics and chords, includes a MIDI Expander and a Micro Mixer fitted with microphone channel, Multi-Effect and Equalizer. Okyweb 3 connects straight to PC, can access internet, read and convert Standard and MF3 MIDI files and features the revulotionary new 32-track MF5 format.

Cutting-edge sounds for an electrifying experience

Okyweb3 offre le nuove sonorità che hai sempre desiderato: Rhythm & Blues Drums, Set-up Latino, Okyweb 3 provides all the acoustics you ever wanted: Rythm & Blues, Drums, Latin, powerful basses, ethnic percussions, disco synth and loads more. All sounds can be edited to create an almost infinite collection of different tones. With the dedicated equalizer you can check the overall sound of the resulting piece. The digital microphone channel comes complete with dedicated Equalizer, Echo and Rever. The EQ can be converted to 3-band, 4-band, 3-band semi-parametric and 4-band parametric graphics. The Echo feature has a “Sync to MIDI” function to synchronize repetitions with background music BPM.

MF5, the new frontier

Okyweb 3 has 32 MIDI channels with 77-124 note polyphony. The new MF5 format has 32-tracks, proprietary sounds and extra tracks for voice editing purposes. M-Live has a repertoire of over 1000 MF5 tracks.

And that’s not all

Okyweb 3 connects straight to a PC via the USB port, it has a MIDI IN port and a really useful Karaoke Rolling function. It also has a VIDEO IN port to connect it to a video camera.


technical information

Okyweb3 Super Sound, specifications:

reads and plays: MP3, Standard MIDI, MF3 and 32-track MF5 files

  • displays lyrics on TV screen in synch with the backing tracks, even on MP3 files
  • reads an writes Compact Flash, holds more than 5,000 backing tracks and Mp3s
  • fast search functions, full titles, genre and perfomrer
  • expander: 32 Ch. MIDI and superior, 124-note polyphony, optimized GM database, wide range of GM effects and sound-editing options.
  • digital MicroMixer for full, integrated control
  • micriophone channel with 4-band parametric EQ + Reverb + Echo with SYnc-to-MIDI
  • USB-port for PC connection – MIDI IN/THRU/OUT
  • TV OUT – Video IN
  • Windows PC software included to manage MIDI files, format conversions, connect to Internet and graphic editing of sound sets


  • Okybag: handy, smart carry case
  • Okyflash: 128MB – 2GB Compact Flash Memories
  • Okywrite: to write Compact Flash from a PC
  • Okydrive: external drive for convernting floppy discs to Compact Flash memories
  • Okysleg e Okystand: handy stage equipment

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