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TV Digital Karaoke

Okyfly, sing and fly!
Okyfly is unique and easy to use, a jewel that can not miss  in your living room to turn a normal evening into a enthralling party: try to believe it!

What you can do with OkyFly2
Okyfly connects to TV to sing on the music base; you choose one song among the thousands available, press Play and the music begins while the TV shows the lyrics of the songs, coloring them at the right time. Not only: with Okyfly you can choose the time you like and your tone and you can sing all your favorite songs, even the hardest ones.

Not only Karaoke
If you play an instrument with Okyfly you can practice on the original music bases. Exclude your instrument from the music base. For example, if you practice with your guitar, you can exclude the one engraved on the base and follow the chords on the TV; It will be like playing with a real orchestra.

Search for “Title” and “Interpreter”
Okyfly contains 100 music bases, and with the optional Compact Flash memory you can store thousands of music bases in an ordered and fast archive. Search can be made by title or interpreter, by pressing only one key.

All music bases with one click
Unlike the common Karaoke Machines, with OkyFly2 you have an endless repertoire, from classics to hit hits. In fact, M-Live produces new music hits every week, you can find them on the web (www.okyfly.com) and in our network stores. All the music you like, in real time!

All the music you like, and 100 songs stored
The Okyfly Revolution is the repertoire of songs that overcomes every limit. In fact, on the www.okyfly.com website you will find over 7,000 music bases, and you can choose the ones you like. New songs are released every week, directly from the Italian and international Hit Parades. Moreover, pre-packaged collections are available, with hundreds of famous songs.

OkyFly has a function called Sing and Rate, which is a fun game based on the applausometer.
Si formano i concorrenti che cantano le canzoni assegnate, then the  applausometer determines who has gained the favors of the audience.
An easy and funny game!


Main functions

Main features of OkyFly
  • Reads and plays karaoke music bases MF4, General MIDI, MP3 Karaoke
  • 2 microphone inputs
  • 100 Songs Included in the Internal Memory List.pdf 
  • Reads compact flash memories (optional)
  • Contains a digital applausometer
  • USB port for PC connection
  • Digital mixer to adjust microphone and music base
  • Ingresso per cuffia
  • Audio Stereo output

Main functions of OkyFly

  • Displays the music base on your TV
  • It also connects to the Hi-Fi system
  • The “Sing & Vote” game, with digital applausometer
  • Stores thousands of music bases on Compact Flash
  • On/Off of the voice line, On/Off, at your choice, of the musical instruments
  • Automatic playlists
  • Edits the video set-up (colors and text)
  • Dedicated Website www.okyfly.com

Available versions:

  • OkyFly BASE, with 100 stored MF4 songs
  • OkyFly GOLD, With a Compact Flash with 1,000 M-Live music bases in MF4

Accessories included in the package and other features

  • 9V DC Power Supply, 1 Microphone, USB Cable, Video Cable, Audio Cable
  • “Okywin” PC software to read all Karaoke-MIDI formats (Midi standard, .Kar, .MF3, .MF4); 10 MF4 bases included on the Okywin CD
  • Size in cm: 15 x 13.5 x 3.2
  • Weight: 250g
  • User manual Download in ZIP format

Songs Collections available (optional)

  • Sanremo Story, anno 2007 (150 titles) .pdf
  • Evergreen (150 bases) .pdf
  • Family Hits (150 bases) .pdf
  • Top of the Pops volume 1 (150 bases) .pdf
  • Top of the Pops volume 2 (150 bases) .pdf
  • Summer 2004 (150 songs) .pdf

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