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 How to Update the Sounds of Merish5

First of all you need to control whether the actual firmware version of Merish 5 is 1.8 or superior. Thus, enter the OPTIONS  and touch the SYSTEM button.  If the section “Software Version” identifies an inferior to 1.8 version, you must first update the software (see here).

If the installed version is the right one you can update the Sounds Bank.
Attention! The updating process of Sounds Bank needs more than 2 hours, and ones it is started you cannot interrupt it. 

(NOTE: if for any reason the updating is interrupted without being completed, it will be impossible to play the files MIDI any more. Should this happen you need to repeat the updating of the Sounds Bank till the very end with the confirmation of the positive result.)

Same as for firmware, the sounds of Merish can be updated online or through a USB stick.


1.Control the existence of a new  Sounds Bank
You need first to connect Merish 5 with the Internet (through a Wi-Fi Pen or a Cable), then enter the OPTIONS and touch UTILITIES button. If a yellow symbol appears within the button “Sound updating”, it means that a new Sounds Bank is available. 

2.Click on “Sounds updating”: Merish 5 will automatically download and install the new version. The download time is variable and depends on the network speed. It will approximately last between 5 and 15 minutes. 
Ones the file is downloaded, the Machine starts updating. Follow the instructions on the display until the fulfillment of the process.


1. Assure that no other files named “m5SoundBank_C.bin” are present in the Download folder of your PC.

2.Download the version SB191110 of the Sounds Bank
– The updated version of Merish 5 Sounds Bank can be downloaded in the form of .bin file by following this LINK.
– As soon as the BIN file is downloaded it must be copied into the USB pen. 
– Remove the USB pen from your PC.

3.Update the sounds on Merish 5
– Put in the USB pen in one of the USB ports of Merish 5. 
– Wait for its recognition by Merish 5  (the USB button should appear in the TRACKS window).
– Touch the OPTIONS and then UTILITIES, then under SOUND UPDATING item touch the button UPDATE.
– Merish5 recognizes the presence of the new firmware and starts the updating process. 
Follow the instructions until the end of the process.

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