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OkyFly 3 Soft

This simple Software is useful for the insertion of the information (title, artist, kind etc) inside the midi files. These information will help OkyFly3 to catalog the MIDI and to produce a more complete Database. Through this utility it is also possible to directly produce the database for Okyfly 3 on the USB pen drive containing the file


How to update OkyFly 3 software (Plus Version 1.3)
(Base Version 1.3)

1.Check the current version of Software
To check the number of currently installed version on the machine, you can enter on MENU and read  SOFTWARE VERSION

2.Download the Software
– The updated version of Okyfly3 firmware could be downloaded  as file.bin clicking THIS LINK FOR PLUS VERSION or THIS LINK FOR BASE VERSION.
– Once your bin file has beed downloaded, copy it inside a USB pen drive.
– Remove your pen drive from your PC.

3.Update the Software
– Key in your USB pen drive in the correct port of Okyfly3 (turned off) and switch it on.
– OkyFly3 recognizes the presence of the new firmware and begins the updating process.
– Wait that OkyFly3 starts and once the updating is finished, check the software version again.


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