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(Last update: release ver. 3.7)

Update firmware procedure

First check your actual release of firmware

    • When the Okyweb4 boot , a splash screen with the product logo appears: under the logo you find the firmware version currently installed. If the latest firmware version is installed, you do not need to upgrade.

  • Download firmware
    • To update Okyweb 4 you need 2 files: you can download the first at this link and the second at this link Please, first DELETE any already existing files with “bz4” or “bin” extension from download directory.
    • Once files are downloaded, copy them to the root directory of a USB stick .
    • Safe-remove the USB stick from your PC.

  • Firmware update
    • If Okyweb 4 is connected, please disconnect USB cable from PC.
    • Switch off Okyweb 4 and insert the USB stick into frontal socket  next to the display, and switch it on.
    • Okyweb 4 recognize automatically the update files and start update progress that will end in less than one minute. Please DO NOT SWITCH OFF Okyweb 4 during this process.
    • Wait for Okyweb 4 shows the Spash Screen. When it shows the list of the song, remove the USB stick from socket.

Now Okyweb 4  is updated to last release .

What’s new on release 3.7 of Okyweb 4
(release date Nov 2019):

  • Added function “revert to factory setup”, pressing key MELODY MUTE for 3 secs
  • Better reliability of LCD touch screen
  • Solved issue on saving modify for KAR files
  • Solved minor issues on search functionality
  • Solved minor issues on lyrics scroll-mode in LCD

What’s new on release 3.6 of Okyweb 4
(release date: Mar 2019):

  • Added new modality of video rolling (ROLLING2)
  • Added new M-Live MP3 song splash screen before starting text
  • Solved issues on some types of MP3-CDG files
  • Improved stability and solved some minor bugs on MIDI files
  • Solved an issue on STOP when playlist mode, with autoplay on

What’s new on release 3.5 of Okyweb 4
(release date: Jun 2018) :

  • Improved player stability and compatibility with MIDI and MP3 files
  • Fixed some compatibility issues related to using the USB stick
  • Ability to view the chords also on the TV
  • Possibility to reprogram the sound bank
  • Improved sensitivity of the audio potentiometer
  • Ability to upload a file with ENTER without starting it. This modification is needed to change BPM and KEY before starting a song, without using the next function.
  • Fixed some bugs on particular MIDI and MP3
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with MIDI IN with some keyboards

What’s new on release 3.0 of Okyweb 4
(release date: Sept 2017) :

  • Now available subscriptions from
  • Solved digital noise on some mp3 songs
  • Solved some minor bugs

What’s new on release 2.8 of Okyweb 4:

  • Now chords can be displayed on the TV screen.
  • Sometimes freezeng after copy files from PC: resolved.

What’s new on release 2.7 of Okyweb 4:

  • Solton Compatibility
  • Click count in added
  • Lyrics view problem solved for a particular Mp3 type
  • Solved some minor bugs

What’s new on release 2.6 of Okyweb 4:

  • Solved minor bugs with M-Live WiFi Pen
  • Solved minor bugs with USB stick recognize procedure
  • Solved bug on MP3 cueing (at start and at the end) and optimize procedure of MP3+CDG reading

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