EXPANDER is ideal for palying Midi – Mp3 and other Audio files with Windows or Apple – Mac PC without the need for other interfaces.

EXPANDER contains two 16-Channels Midi generators + one sound card capable of reproducing any audio file via USB from Windows or Ma PC.
The 64 Mb memory, wich can be updated via SD card, contains 530 sounds with 17 drum kits. The sound database has been especially designed for the Midi Files and can manage 32 Midi Files and can manage 32 Midi channels.

EXPANDER has 3 Midi inputs and two Midi sound bank, each with 16 separated tracks. Has a video interface to split the output from the computer and show the song lyric on TV without displaying the PC screen page. You can mix two Midi sequences together, along with one audio sound track. Lyrics are mixed between one file and the next one in sync with the music.


  • 16 + 16 Midi Channels
  • USB input for Midi and Audio from Windows and Apple – Mac PC
  • Composite Video output
  • 2 Midi In for sequencer and keyboard
  • 530 sounds and 17 drum kits on 64 Mb
  • Sounds updatable via SD Card
  • Mixing console song – keyboard – Mp3 audio file
  • Size: W. 24 cm – D. 21cm – H. 5 cm
  • Weight 1,9 Kg