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Merish3 Manager

Merish3 Manager is a software that allow you to update, reset or reload Merish3 Software with few simple steps. Download now Merish3 Manager for your operating system.


How to update the Merish 3 software (CURRENT VERSION v1.19)

Make sure to delete all files that start with “MerishUpdate” in your Downloads folder and for those who use Mac and Safari, click on the link by holding “Alt”

  1. Check the current software version
    • To check the number of the version currently installed on the unit go to SETUP and click on GENERAL INFO


  2. Rebuild database
    • To rebuild your database go to SETUP and click on DATABASE
    • Then, under Rebuild Database, click on HARD DISK


  3. Download the software
    • The updated version of the Merish 3 can be downloaded in the form of a .zip file by clicking on THIS LINK.
    • Once the file has downloaded, copy it to a USB pen drive in the root directory and not in a subfolder.
      (ATTENTION: for versions older than 1.10 extract the files in your pen)
    • Disconnect the USB pen drive from your PC.


  4. Update the software
    • Disconnect the USB cable from Merish 3, if connected.
    • With Merish 3 switched off plug the USB pen drive into the USB port and switch on Merish 3.
    • Merish 3 will recognise the presence of the new firmware and start the update process.
      (NOTE: during the updating process it may occur that Merish indicates it needs to be restarted: in this case, disconnect the USB pen drive and switch off the unit then switch it on again)
    • Wait for Merish 3 to restart and once you terminate the connection re-check the software version.

What’s new in version 1.19 of the software

  • improved reading chord written in MIDI files
  • improved jump phase
  • improved extern TV view

What’s new in version 1.18 of the software

  • increased the number of compatible MIDI files
  • Fixed some minor bugs

What’s new in version 1.17 of the software

  • viewing information for correct use of the database and files
  • increased the opening speed of the folders containing a large number of files
  • improved the transition between 2 Mp3s
  • improved the text flow during the transition between 2 Mp3s
  • Fixed some minor bugs

What’s new in version 1.16 of the software

  • Improved text compatibility with MIDI and MP3.
  • Fixed some minor bugs

What’s new in version 1.14 of the software

  • Improoved midi files compatibility with player and editor.
  • Fixed some minor bugs

What’s new in version 1.13 of the software

  • Added new karaoke mode
  • Improoved search and database speed
  • Fixed some minor bugs

What’s new in version 1.12 of the software

  • Added the possibility to set the “click” on midi out
  • Improoved mp3 compatibility on recorder mode
  • Added the possibility to export entire Database
  • Automatic ordering after changing titles
  • Added the possibility to search through the folders by double click on search button
  • Improoved equalization on startup
  • Fixed some minor bugs

What’s new in version 1.11 of the software

  • Added the possibility to connect English USB keyboard
  • Translation of online help in English
  • Added the possibility to search through the folders
  • Improved the transition to the next song
  • Added compatibility mp3 Win Live text
  • Improved mp3 text sync
  • Improved jump with immediate
  • Refined mp3 sync with increased speed (bpm)
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with particular mp3 or midi
  • Faster indexing of usb memories
  • Fixed some minor bugs

What’s new in version 1.10 of the software

  • Italian translation of the entire interface
  • Fixed persistence problem with microphones adjustments HIGH/MED/LOW at startup
  • Improved text synchronization with some midi
  • Improved the section to edit the text
  • Ability to update the software without decompress the update package
  • Improved browsing folders with sorting by title
  • Optimization of some procedures for editing metadata
  • Fixed some minor bugs

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