Touch the music

Differences between Merish 3 and Merish 4

Playing Midi file 0, 1, .KAR, Mf3, Mf4, Mf5
Playing Mp3 with text, ID3, SYLT, M-LIVE, MP3 + G

 Playing Mp4 – WMW – AVI – MPEG

 Display text and chords also on external TV

 Internal memory

64 GB

128 GB

 Web connection via WiFI

 Direct download from Song Service

 App compatible

 Firmware update directly from network

 Double Midi generator with 32 channels end 108 voices

 Touch screen color display 7” TFT

2 inputs for microphone with dynamic compressor, reverb, delay, 3-band EQ, phantom power for condenser microphones

Delay Microfono in Synch con Midi File

In the entrance Mic1: in 3 voice harmonizer, pitch shifter, pitch adjust

MIDI equalizer

MP3 equalizer

Line 1 and 2 equalizer

6 potentiometers for mixing of 6 families of instruments in the Midi File

Digital recorder for MP3, with Midi File conversion

Editing and writing of texts

Synchronizing lyrics with color

Editing and writing marker

Editing and writing chords

Functions “GO TO” to mix the backing tracks

Tracks archive by title, artist and genre

Search function filtered by Artist or Genre

Expander functionality for keyboard and accordion with 4 Layers

PC control

Click for drummers

Display images on TV

Creating and viewing sliding images on external TV

Mirroring of display LCD on TV

Checking and editing ADSR sound parameters

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