The M-Live musical production promotes the approach between the musician, amateur or professional, and music. The Backing Tracks in Midi and Audio format allow you to quickly learn a part of a song, and offers the possibility to “shape it” according to your technical and expressive needs.

M-Live professional productions offer great possibilities for all those who play or sing using Backing Tracks, whether for professional or non-professional purposes.

We have been producing backing tracks since 1989, since cassette tapes and later floppy disks, and we have always paid attention to copyright. We have signed contracts with important companies in the sector, both Publishers and Collecting Societies. Therefore, we can say that M-Live has been a pioneer company, given that since the early 90’s it has signed agreements with companies such as SIAE and Publishers such as Warner, Emi, Sugar and many others.

We would be happy to include and distribute your editorial works through our platforms, works that will thus be able to reach millions of people worldwide guaranteeing legality and fidelity to the original. Thanks to our continuous growth, signing an agreement with M-Live guarantees the completely legal distribution of your repertoire and constant revenues over time, taking into consideration the significant related industries generated by our product.

If you are a Music Publisher, contact us here if you are interested in collaborating with us, and add your repertoire to our catalog.

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