Touch the music


Merish 4 is a touchscreen workstation that plays backing tracks and music files in Midi, Mp3 and Mp4 Video, also with lyrics.
It incorporates a digital mixer with effects, harmonizer and equalizer. Merish 4 is also an Audio recorder and Midi File Editor. It connects to the Internet via Wi – Fi and it can be used like a powerful Midi expander with a mastser keyboard connected or other peripherals. Merish 4’s new Midi sounds database includes: 386 Sampled sounds, 46 Drumkits with 480 samplings in a 128 Mb memory.


Video for Merish 3 and Merish 4



Merish 4 is the evolution of its popular predecessor Merish 3.
Merish 4 maintains, improves and above all expands the functions of Merish 3 with important innovations in hardware and software.
The Hardware changes enable greater speed when used live with the addition of:

  1. Six potentiometers for the mixing of 6 instrument families in MIDI backing tracks.
  2. Web key: to have access to the Internet via Wi-Fi. It will be possible to have access to market places that provide backing tracks, for example
  3. Master keyboard key: Merish 4 can be used as a powerful expander, configurable with PC, Master Keyboard and MIDI accordions as comprehensively backing tracks.

The Software changes  
carried out make Merish 4 more powerful and practical as well as enhance it with new capabilities, such as playing Video files, full editing of MIDI sounds, equalisation on MP3 backing tracks, editing of chords, colouring text, LCD display mirroring on TV and many more. The sound card has been optimised and we have included a 128 GB internal memory.

Simplicity is the keyword

The touchscreen assures fast, straightforward control.
The easy learning software and Online Help combine for fast understanding of the unit’s functions.

Merish 4 reads music files in Midi and Mp3 Karaoke format, Mp3 + g, Mp4 Video.
It converts archives for Merish Plus and Merish 2. It has a 128 GB internal memory with space for tens of thousands of backing tracks.

Merish 4 connects to the Internet to download the backing tracks and share the musical experience through App.

Plays and mixes… automatically too

Merish 4 plays and mixes Midi and Mp3 files with the “Wizard” and “Go To” functions. Mixes are possible from and to any point thanks to the use of Markers.

Moreover the new Mixer on the panel allows to change the Midi File in real time.

Displays Lyrics and Chords, also on a TV screen

Merish 3 displays lyrics and chords in various formats.
It reads also the most widespread Video Format.

It can display chord symbols, guitar tablature or keyboard graphics so it’s perfect for learning new songs.Merish 4 edits and synchronises your lyrics and chord and reads the most popular lyrics format, including Mp3+G. Edit the Midi File with a complete editor.


Two microphone inputs including phantom power, two audio inputs for keyboards or other instruments, balanced audio outputs + output for foldback monitor, Click output for drummers and headphones socket. The Mixer has a three-band equalizer, two microphone effects, and a 3-voice Harmonizer on the first microphone channel.


All the controls are directly accessible by means of sliders and potentiometers. Direct and manual control assures the maximum ergonomic efficiency, especially for live performances. Merish 4 includes an equalizer for the Midi and Mp3 backing tracks.

Merish 4 has on the panel 6 potentiometers to control the Midi volume for the 6 sounds families of the Midi File backing tracks.


Record your performances with Merish 3 and personalise your Midi file to transform it into an Mp3 audio file. You can add backing vocals or instrumental parts or remove any Midi tracks that are not required.

Edit Midi files and Lyrics

Merish 4 has a powerful Editing section to change the Midi files as required. Has a new function to modify the ADSR and the Filters of the Midi sounds. It stores the modification on the Midi File and allows to modify Lyrics and their synchronization.

Can write the Chords inside the Midi and Mp3 Files. 

Reads the most popular lyrics formats, including Mp3+G and allows text and synchronism to be corrected. Merish 4 reads .TXT files to import and sync lyrics for songs currently without lyrics data, both Midi and Mp3.


Slide Show

Merish 4 can read and play video files in  Mp4 – WMW – AVI – MPEG formats. It can also manage images just like Merish 3 but with added functions.
With the Slide Show function, users can create a sequence of images easily and effectively.

Master Keyboard

Merish 4 has latest-generation Master functions able to create  Patches with up to 4 Layers.
Excellent for anyone using Master Keyboard, Midi Piano Accordion or other interfaceable instruments.
It is also used as an Expander for Pc or Apple users.

Internet connection

For direct interaction with and other Backing Track marketplaces.
It gives access to a vast repertoire, wherever you are, in real time.
Fit the M-Pen into one of the USB slots to connect Merish 4 to a Wi-fi network or a mobile device with an Internet connection, like most smartphones.



• USB pen drive, external hard disk, PC keyboard, Computer

• M-Pen for Internet connection via Wi Fi

• Reads USB pen drives and external hard disks; reads the PC keyboard and functions as a high quality Midi generator

• Midi In – Out e Thru, Master ed Expander advanced function

• Footswitch

• Click

• Video TV

• Aux Monitor

• Headphones

• Balanced Audio Out

• 2 Line In inputs for keyboards, guitars, various instruments or players

• 2 Mic also with phantom power



• Read and play Midi files and Mp3s, also with lyrics in the most popular formats: 0 and 1 Midi files – .KAR, Mf3 – Mf4 – Mf5. Mp3 files with lyrics ID3, SYLT, M-Live, Mp3+G

• Read and play Video Mp4 and others

• It connects to the WEB to download backing tracks and to communicate with the App

• Displays lyrics and chords, also on a TV screen

• Saves tens of thousands of music files on the internal 128 GB memory

• 7″ TFT touchscreen colour display

• Slide Show with background pictures on Karaoke lyrics

• Double Midi Generator with 32 Channels and 108 voices

• Real time Midi File Mixer

• 386 sounds + 46 drumkits with 480 Samples on 128 Mb

• Quick reading of USB pen drives and external HDs

• Master Keyboard advanced function, Expander function with PC and Tablet

• Transpose and Time stretching of MP3 files

• Track editing in real time

• Sound editor, even ADSR and Filters. Storable on the Midi File

• PC keyboard input for remote control

• 2 Microphone inputs with dynamic compressor, reverb, delay, 3-band equalizer, Phantom power for condenser microphones

• On Mic1 input: 3 voice harmonizer, pitch shifter, pitch adjust

• Equalizer on the backing track Midi and Mp3

• Digital recorder for Mp3s, with conversion of the Midi file

• Editing and writing of lyrics and markers

• Editing and Writing of Chords

• Lyrics coloration and synchronization

• Reading of up to 9 Markers.000 playlists with 250 songs

• “GO TO” functions to link two freely selected Midi files

• Cueing Wizard for automatic and musical connections between Midi files

• Click out for drummers and Expander functions from PC and Mac

• Midi archive organised by title, artist and musical genre

• Dimensions: 34.5 x 23 x 8.5 Weight 2.8 kg