The pocket Band





DIVO is a high-performance workstation dedicated to solo performers, or small bands.


It is a compact device that includes all the functions necessary for a live performance with the support of Backing Tracks, both Midi and Audio.


With DIVO you don’t need a mixer, you don’t need effects and most importantly you do not need a computer because it can play any backing track. It also has a powerful expander for playing with a master keyboard.

Internal storage from 64 Gb to 512 Gb

Stores more than 100.000 files

Digital Mixer 2 mic in – 1 Audio in

– Aux Out

Sound card

2 out – 2 in

Compatible with MTA 8 tracks
(in Divo PLUS and PRO versions)


DIVO features a brand new database of MIDI sounds specifically designed for live performance using Backing Tracks. In addition to playing Midi files flawlessly, it can be used as an Expander by connecting a USB Master Keyboard.


DIVO offers uncompromising performance in terms of control and management of large music archives.


DIVO comes with the Xynthia2 operating system, developed by M-Live to achieve maximum performance in terms of browsing archives, WEB connections, function integration and versatility.

Xynthia2 is ideal for a musician and represents the state-of-the-art in terms of quality, ergonomics and reliability.


Xynthia2 is the operating system that allows you to have a powerful player, mixer with effects, Midi generator, WEB connection and much more in one single device.


*The DIVO Pro and DIVO Plus versions are compatible with MTA8 multitrack files, also available in the M-Live market place www.song-service.com.

Sound card 2 out – 2 in

DIVO comes with a powerful sound card to connect to your PC and record your performances, adding effects to your voice and eliminating any latency.


With Divo you can connect two microphones or line instruments and send the audio stream to the PC, receiving on the same communication channel an audio stream from the PC. This allows you to have a Loop Back function, ideal for the most modern uses.



DIVO includes a player and manager of backing tracks in different formats: Midi File, Mp3, Multitrack* (MTA8 on Plus and Pro versions), Video.

More than 100,000 files can be easily stored.

DIVO is available in three versions:

DIVO basic, with 64 Gb memory
DIVO plus, with integrated Wi Fi, 128 Gb memory and MTA8 file reading.
DIVO pro, with integrated Wi Fi, 512 Gb memory and MTA8 file reading, Plug-In included (Prompter, Audio Pro, Grinta Live).


With the supplied Live Manager Software you manage backing track archives. Files are transferred from Computer to Divo, and can be organised in folders or as desired. Searching for tracks is easy, and can be done by title, performer or musical genre (when the information is present in the files).


DIVO is a workstation that solves compatibility problems between the various files, and offers quick database management by targeting specific types of music files.

Digital Mixer

For live performances without complications, DIVO features a mixer with 2 microphone inputs, 1 line input, management of the two internal backing track channels, Click output for metronome, dedicated output for Aux Monitor and Headphone. DIVO has a very powerful multi-effect for vocals and backing tracks. It has been set up to simplify the editing and management of live effects. The audio system is topped off with a powerful 4-voice Harmonizer, a 4-band parametric EQ for each input channel, and a 10-band EQ for the Main Out.


Voice Effects,
with Harmonizer 

DIVO’s Xynthia2 operating system has a new generation multi-effect, with two management levels: basic and advanced.

In the Basic management you only have to operate a single potentiometer to edit the effect to the best of your ability.

For the more experienced user, there is the Advanced area with complete editing. Divo has a powerful 4-band parametric equalizer, independent for backing tracks and vocals, and a 4-voice Harmonizer.


DIVO can edit any parameter of backing tracks, especially Midi Files.

Lyrics and chords can be written and synchronised within the file.

DIVO supports Markers that divide the song into several parts according to the musical metrics.

DIVO includes a powerful sound card to connect to your PC and record your performances: you can use the vocal effects in DIVO, thus eliminating latency.

Your voice will be recorded with or without effects. The sound card is 2 in – 2 out with loopback.

Over 300 sounds even with Master Keyboard

DIVO includes over 300 Timbres, 24 Drum Kits, and hundreds of percussion instruments.

The Midi generator has 240 notes of polyphony, allowing you to play either a Midi-formatted track or a track played in real time.

There are over 100 PATCHES on DIVO that can be played from a Master Keyboard, even a USB keyboard and directly powered by DIVO.


DIVO is a powerful digital recorder. It is very easy to use and once you have adjusted the volumes of the several sources, all you have to do is press REC to start recording your performance.

WEB Connection:

DIVO connects to the Internet very easily: via Wi-Fi (optional), via Ethernet cable, or via USB with Android-type mobile phones.

The DIVO Plus and DIVO Pro versions have an internal Wi-Fi connection. Once connected to the network DIVO can access www.song-service.com to choose the music repertoire from tens of thousands of songs that are always up-to-date.

backing tracks on www.song-service.com

DIVO, in PLUS and PRO versions, can play MTA (Multitrack Audio) format files
produced and distributed by M-Live on the Song Service site.

MTA files are multitrack files that DIVO reads in 8 stereo tracks.
The Backing Tracks are structured as follows: Track 1 Drums, Track 2 Bass, Track 3 Guitar,
Track 4 Keyboards, Track 5 Orchestra, Track 6 Wind Instruments, Track 7 Click, Track 8 Melody.

Technical features

Operating System XYNTHIA2 – by M-Live
Total Polyphony 240
Sounds and Timbre 310
Drum Kit 24
Percussions 250
Files managed ● MIDI FILE 0-1, KAR, Mf3, Mf4, Mf5 – MP3 –CDG
● MTA 8 tracks (Divo Plus and Divo Pro)
● WAV (Only with PlugIn AudioPro included in Divo PRO)
● Video MP4, MOV in H-264 format
● Video MP4, AVI and MOV (Only with PlugIn AudioPro included in Divo PRO)
Internal Mass Memory ● 64 Gbyte Divo
● 128 Gbyte Divo Plus
● 512 Gbyte Divo Pro
Display LCD 1024 x 600 – 24-bit colour, capacitive touch screen with gestures
Network Interface ● Ethernet port RJ45 - 10/100/1000 Mbps
● WiFi connection via M-Live USB stick
● Internet connection via network
Number of Manageable Files Over 120,000 on 128GB internal
File Transfer Wi-Fi or Network via LIVE Manager PC/MAC
USB interface 4 USB Port 2.0 HighSpeed 480MBps
USB Device Reading USB stick, External Hard Drives
USB sound card 2 ch out / 2 ch In with Loopback a 48KHz – 24 bit, type B connector.
Video OUT connection HDMI output HD/Full HD format (1280 x 720 / 1920 x 1080)
Microphone Inputs ● 2 COMBO inputs (Jack 6.5/ XLR balanced).
● Software-enabled phantom power supply for condenser microphones
Line Inputs 1 unbalanced 6.5mm stereo jack input
Outputs ● Balanced 6.5mm stereo jack main output
● Balanced 6.5mm stereo jack aux output
● 6.5mm stereo jack headphone output
● Click mono jack 6.5mm output
Click Management Separate line from audio.
Sound type configurable via software for MIDI files
Mixer Digital - 7 digital channels, 24-bit 48KHz internal sampling frequency.
Typical S/N ratio 112 dB
Equalizer on inputs Parametric 4-band for each channel
Equaliser on Main output Separated 10-band
Effects Reverb and Delay 2 on Independent Microphones
Harmonizer 4 Voices controlled by Midi File or keyboard
Other effects on microphone inputs Compressor - Noise Gate
Expander MIDI Connection with USB Master Keyboard or Accordion via USB HOST. Connection as PC expander via USB device port (Type B)
Ped. (Pedal) Switch Pedal N/O and N/C
Power supply AC/DC Adapter mod. 13/90288 INPUT 120/240VAC Freq 50/60Hz Output 12VDC – 2A (+) centered
Wi Fi ● DIVO: with M-Pen (optional)
● DIVO Plus: included
● DIVO Pro: included

software live manager

The Live manager software is available in two versions for two operating systems: Windows 8.1
and later – macOS 10.15 Catalina and following. Full compatibility is not guaranteed on earlier systems.


Click HERE to download LIVE MANAGER for WINDOWS


Click HERE  to download LIVE MANAGER for MAC


The DIVO user manual is also available online in PDF format.

You can download it by clicking HERE and browse it easily online.