Retrieve your password

  • I have forgotten my password
    Enter the and click on “Login”. Request the password by clicking on “Forgot Your Password?” Enter your mail and click on “Reset My Password”. A blue link “Set a New Password” will be sent to you through email. When you follow the link a page of Song Service will open where you need to write the new password in two dedicated spaces. Save the changes. Once you change the password you will enter the Account again.

Modify your personal data

  • How to modify your personal data
    Log into with your email and password, then click on “My Account” and then on “Account Edit”. After that, you can insert your correct data.
  • How to modify your email or password
  • Log into with your email and password, then click on “My Account” and then on “Account Edit”. Afterwards flag “Change Email” or “Change Password” depending on your needs.
  • How to modify your Billing Address
    Log into with your email and password, then click on “My Account”, then click on “Address Management” followed by “Change Billing Address”
  • I have changed my email address and I have created a new account on again, but my offers and orders are not visible anymore.
  • If you have a new email address, it’s better not to create a new Account in order not to lose your offers and the history of previous orders of backing tracks. You need to login with your old email by clicking on “Login”, then click on “My Account” and select “Account Edit”. Then insert your new email address after having flagged “Change Email”.

Backing tracks not in the catalog

  • Do you want a particular backing track not present in the catalog?
    Send your suggestions to moc.e1614640239vil-m1614640239@tfos1614640239idim1614640239. Our music lab will consider whether and when to produce the requested backing tracks. We pay attention to the requests of our clients to evaluate the future program of new backing tracks production.

Backing tracks already purchased

  • How can I check if I have already purchased a particular backing track?
    One solution is to use the service “My Backing Tracks” by clicking on “My Account”: enter the title in the “Songs Filter” and verify if it is present. Alternatively, at the moment of purchasing, if the backing track is already in your library, you will see the grey button instead of the green one.

Backing tracks in the shopping cart

  • I have accidentally put MIDI files instead of MP3 files in the shopping cart and completed the order. How can I receive the MP3 files?
    In the last step, before closing the order definitively, you have the possibility to check the content of your shopping cart, exactly for avoiding to purchase the backing tracks you do not need. From there, you can decide if to confirm, add or eliminate one or more backing tracks. The Midi and MP3 files are in two separate sections with different colors to help you with the choice. Unfortunately, it is not possible to modify the order after the definite confirmation and shopping cart closure. If you need the MP3 files, you have to purchase the backing tracks again.
  • How Can I eliminate backing tracks from the shopping cart?
    Click on your shopping cart in the right angle of the Homepage; near the title of the backing track, you find a cross. By clicking on the cross, you will delete the backing track from the shopping cart.

I didn't receive the zip file with backing tracks

  • I have completed the order but I haven’t received the zip file with the purchased MIDI and MP3 files
    To download the order you have just purchased, you have to log into “My Account” and in the section “My Orders”click on “View Download”and then on “Redownload”. You can download the order again at any moment, without additional costs in the section “My Orders” where you can select the titles and click on “Redownload”.
  • I have completed the order but I haven’t received the Custom MP3.
    If you haven’t received the Zip file, from website Homepage click on “Custom MP3”, select the title and, at the end of uploading of all the tracks, click on “save and download again”. Finally, click on “Regenerate the Custom MP3 again”. You can always get back to “Custom MP3” backing tracks whenever you want and download the backing track again, every time modifying different elements (tonality, track exclusion) without additional costs.


  • I am not able to download again a previous order of Midi and Mp3.
    To download an order again, log into “My Account”, click on “My Orders” then on “View Order” and then on “Redownload”. You can download the order again at any time, without additional costs. Each download request can contain maximum 15 files.
  • I can’t download again an order of MIDI and MP3 files I made some time ago. I use the link received by email.
    The link received by email is active up to 10 days. To download an order again, log into “My Account”, click on “My Orders” then “View Order” and then click on “Redownload”. You can redownload an order at any time without additional costs.
  • How to download a MIDI backing track again and not all the whole order?
  • You have two possibilities:
    Use the function “My backing tracksyou find by clicking on “My Account”. The special filters will help you to search the desired backing track, then click on “Download request”. The backing track will be sent to you by email within 10 minutes.
    Use the history of your orders with your profile by entering the backing track from the Homepage, you will see the grey button which will show the message “You have already purchased this track, download it for free from here”. At this point click on the link and you can immediately redownload the backing track for free again.
  • I have completed my order and I have not received the Custom MP3 yet.
    If you have not received the zip file, from the home page of the website, click on “Custom MP3” backing tracks, select the title and, at the end of the tracks upload, click on “Generate the Custom MP3” again. You can get back to the service “Custom Mp3” backing tracks” at any time and download the backing track again, making different changes each time (change of tonality, exclusion of tracks) without additional costs.


  • Why did I get all files without lyrics?
    You should first verify whether you have chosen the correct format “With the Text” at the moment of the order. If the selected backing track does not suppose to contain the lyrics you must purchase it again. In case the selected backing track does suppose to have the lyrics but you can’t see them – most likely during the registration, you have accidentally selected the lyrics conversion which is not suitable for the instrument/software you use to play the backing tracks. To have the backing tracks with the lyrics, you have to log into “My Account” and then click on “Edit Karaoke Formats”. Then, still from “My Account” click on “Myl Orders” and download the order for free again by selecting “View Order”. Once you have edited the format, you don’t have to modify it again for future purchases.
  • I use Windows Media Player software with the standard format, but I don’t see lyrics of both MIDI files and MP3 files.
    If you use Windows Media Player and you want to visualise the lyrics of both MIDI and MP3 files, you need to download a free plug in in the internet. Once you have installed it on your desktop, open your backing tracks again.


  • I need only ONE backing track included in a compilation, how can I get it?
    The Compilations are packages that include different backing tracks at the special price. If you do not need the whole package you can buy the preferred backing tracks separately.


  • Do Midi files also display the chords?
    The format “2) M-Live MIDI Karaoke format ”displays lyrics and chords. Log into “My Account”, click on “Edit Karaoke Format” and select “n.2 M-Live MIDI Karaoke format”. Once you edited the format, you don’t have to do anything else for future purchases.
  • I have downloaded MIDI files without the chords. How can I get the chords?
    Log into, click on “My Account” then on “Edit Karaoke Format” and select the format “n.2 M-Live MIDI Karaoke format”. To download again the order for free, always from the section “My Account”, click on “My Orders” and then on “View Order” followed by the click on “Redownload”. You don’t have to do anything for future purchases.


  • Having chosen the payment with the credit card, why does the message “rejected order” appear?
    The main online payment circuits such as VISA and MASTERCARD require to insert a further security code (“Secure Code”) for the data security and order completeness. The “Secure Code” is not written on the card, it is issued by your Supplier (bank or post office). It is a very important system because it proves that the person making the purchase is actually the card holder. Almost all the systems of online payment use this code for the guarantee and clients’ security. If you don’t have it, ask your supplier (bank or post office) about it.


  • I still have the credit. Can I buy another SONGNET CREDIT or do I first have to exhaust the previous?
    You don’t need to end the accumulated amount as you you can purchase another SONGNET CREDIT at any moment . If you still have an active credit, the new SONGNET will be added to your residual amount.
  • I have bought some backing tracks with the SONGNET CREDIT, why didn’t I get the payment receipt?
    If you download backing tracks choosing “SONGNET CREDIT”as payment method , you will not receive any accounting documents because the receipt has been duly issued with the purchase of the SONGNET.


  • I have completes my order, but I have not received the digital scores.
    To download and print digital scores, you have to click on “My Account”. You can download it from from “My Orders” or “My Backing Tracks”section. You have 3 days to download the file..
  • The digital scores are of A-B-C-D types, what does it mean?
    There are different types of digital scores:
    A: melodic line with chords for guitar and lyrics (example);
    B: piano and guitar with melody without lyrics (example);
    C: piano, voice and guitar with lyrics (example);
    D: lyrics and chords (example).


  • How to decompress a zip file
    To unzip a file, you can use one of the programs mentioned in this guide for windows or in this guide for mac.


  • Where can I see and download the catalogue of backing tracks?
    The catalogue of all the backing tracks is available on the homepage of the website, in the grey stripe at the bottom of the page, divided by MIDI and MP3 files. It is updated every week..
  • Where can I see the new releases of backing tracks?
    We publish the weekly novelties of MIDI, MP3 and Custom Mp3 files on the Homepage of the website “”. To the right you will find “Weekly Updates”with the recent novelties divided by week, month and year.

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