OkyFly 3

Fly with song!

Ready… Go!

  • choose the Backing Tracks on your USB pen drives, 100 in base version, 300 in plus version
  • connect Okyfly 3 to a TV or to a  PC screen
  • insert your microphone: now Fly with song with Okyfly 3!

OKYFLY 3 has a professional quality, it is portable but reliable, powerful but easy-to-use for everybody. Okyfly 3 is ideal to sing, to play and to have fun with your family, friends and in public.

Press Play and start singing!

A professional TV Karaoke.
Okyfly 3 is provided with all the  functions of a professional KARAOKE, with a wide and updated range of backing tracks  available in the network Song Service and in the site SongService.it
Okyfly 3 reads  Midi – Mp3 formats (PLUS version ) and  the USB Pen drive can contain thousands of Songs. Base Version includes 100 backing tracks and Pro version includes 300 Backing tracks!
It can be connected to TV, stereo or to  PC screen. It has two INPUTS for microphone.

It’s very simple to use: you  connect it to the TV and controls all the functions while it is playing the musical bases.

Lyrics and Chords displayed on TV or PC

Okyfly 3 displays lyrics and chords of the songs, even in keyboard and guitar format (PLUS version).
Excellent to learn a new song or to practice on your new instrument.
All the songs bought on the site www.songservice.it or in network Song Service contain the chords that Okyfly will be able to display on the screen

Digital Mixer.

Okyfly 3 contains an internal Mixer to modify the backing track’s mix, to exclude instruments and play them live. You can also adjust the volume of Microphone or of the vocal effect.

Edit Midi Files.

With Okyfly 3 you can  modify the key and the speed of a  Midi backing track. Through simple controls on panel you will be able to adapt the Musical Bases to your vocal abilities, and to your extension. Everything is very easy, and you can save the changes on the backing truck finding it again  in every moment.

OkyFly 3 fly with song, PLUS version.

Okyfly 3 is also available in Plus version and reads Mp3 and Mp3+G backing tracks. PLUS version has a professional database sound coming from Merish 2,  HDMI cable and two Microphones included.

Includes a USB pen with 300 Musical Bases.




  • USB Pen drive containing MIDI, MP3 (only in PLUS version), MF3 and MF4
  • Keyboards USB for PC
  • 2 Mic Inputs (1 mic included)
  • 1 Headphones Output
  • Left e Right Audio Outputs for connections to  Audio o Audio TV installations
  • HDMI outputs for TV or Monitor PC


OkyFly3  is a nice and versatile device, a real digital instrument to make music.
It reads MIDI, MF3, MF4 KAR, MP3 (only PLUSversion ) and MP3+G (only  PLUS version).
It displays lyrics and chords of the songs on your Tv or PC to follow the words colored “in time” with the melody.
With Okyfly 3 you can adapt the songs’ keys to your vocal characterists or to the persons who are enjoying with you.

You can accelerate or  slow down the songs while they are playing, and without changing the key.
Okyfly 3 can exclude or modify the volume of one or more instruments –  for instance the bass, drums or guitar – and you can play your instrument on the backing track you prefer.
It has an auxiliary Software that runs on PC and MAC to optimize the Musical Bases’s files.

It includes hundreds backing tracks to start playing!


OkyFly 3 base – 149 €

  • Plays; MIDI, MF3, MF4, MIDI kar
  • Chords display: traditional format
  • Sounds: coming from Okyweb 3 Supersound
  • Connections: it can be connected to TV, to stereo and to PC screen
  • Inputs/Outputs: 2 Mic Inputs, speakers output, headphones output
  • Mixer: Internal digital Mixer  + voice effects
  • Storages: USB Pen drives
  • Included: USB Pen with 100 backing tracks, Power cable, HDMI cable, 1 microphone

OkyFly 3 plus – 249 €

  • Plays; MIDI, MF3, MF4, MIDI kar, MP3, MP3+g
  • Chords display: traditional format, guitar and keyboard tab
  • Sounds: coming from Merish 2
  • Connections: it can be connected to TV, to stereo and to PC screen
  • Inputs/outputs: 2 Mic Inputs, speakers output, headphones output
  • Mixer: Internal digital Mixer  + voice effects
  • Storages: USB Pen drives
  • Included: USB Pen with 300 backing tracks, Power cable, HDMI cable, 1 microphone


Inputs – Outputs

  • MIC Inputs: 2x unbalanced JACK  – -40dB 1KOhm
  • Audio outputs L-R: 2x unbalanced RCA  – +4db
  •  Phones output: 1x mini JACK stereo 400mW @ 80Ohm – 100mW @ 320Ohm
  • Video output: 1x HDMI 400p, audio stereo
  • USB Computer Keyboard port : 1x USB type A – USB 2.0
  •  USB pendrive port: 1x USB type Porto A – USB 2.0

General specifications

  • Frequency response: 20Hz ÷ 20KHz ±3dB
  • Distortion (THD + noise): <0,01% 20Hz ÷ 20KHz
  • Signal to noise ratio: -80dB
  • Power: 9V DC (+centr.) 500mA
  • Adapter/Power supply: PRI, 100-240V AC – 50Hz 0.35A SEC. 9V DC – 1,65A
  • Dimensions LxAxP: 144mm x 136mm x 28mm
  • Weight: 220g