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GRINTA reads and plays MIDI and Mp3 Karaoke music files. It connects to TV set and shows lyric and chords in sync with music, together with all live functions.

The embedded nixer enables real time menagement of the MIDI file sound. You can pactise alone or enjoy it with friends using the “Arena” function, which recongnizes whether you sing in tune and attiributes a score to your vocal performance.

The “Maestro” mode shows the song chords* for loop practising on a piece or a section. Grinta comes in two different configurations: BASE and GOLD (including 1 microphone, 1 Compact Flash memory and 124 Midi Files)

*If provided

Midi file with lyrics in Tune 1000, M-live formats; *.KAR files; Mf3 – Mf4 – Mf5 (16 tracks) formats; Mp3 Karaoke.

M-Live Oky3 Super Sound sound card with 489 sounds, 17 drum kits, 16 Midi channels.

Mixer and audio controls:
real time track editing with different mixing and cut-out of every instrument.

6 Echo effects (of which one adjustable), microphone included.

Read out:
extended title and original performer reading for a very fast read out by smart Alpha Dial. Play list with 10 songs.

124 Midi files already loaded, unlimited Compact Flash reading up to 32,000 songs.

Panel controls:

  • “ARENA” FUNCTION: recognisez whether the singer is in tune and gives him/her a score.
  • “MAESTRO” MODE: reads out chords* and shows them in sync with music.
  • LOOP: creates non-stop refrains so that you can practise on the song.

PC Software:
to organize Compact Flash memories and transfer files from PC to Grinta using a multimedia card reader.

For custom Midi Files, connect to:

25 cm x 18,4 cm x 6,5 cm / weight 750 gr.

Avaliable in 2 different configurations:
GOLD (including 1 microphone and 124 Midi Files)