M-Live Backing tracks

A music collection of more than 15.000 Midi and Mp3 files with text. www.songservice.it is the leader website in Europe for selling backing tracks in Midi and Mp3 format. The Totems of Song Service are located in hundreds of music shops in Italy for giving the possibility to purchase backing tracks directly from your usual shop of musical instruments.

SONG SERVICE – Your musical footprint

In the best Italian shops of musical instruments, you will find your multimedia Totem for purchasing backing tracks of high quality in Midi, Mp3 (karaoke), MF3, MF4 and MF5 format. A collection of more than 10.000 titles, updated in real time using the Internet.

Touch the screen and create your customized compilation!

  • Huge catalogue of Midi and audio backing tracks.
  • Web connection with M-live.
  • Compatibility with all the devices for saving files.
  • Updates in real time.

SUPPORTS In line with the times

SONG SERVICE reads and writes from and on all the types of devices for saving files: CD, Pen Drive, Compact Flash and also Floppy Disk.

MP3 – Karaoke

Song Service includes a great collection of backing tracks in Mp3, updated also more times in a week.
The MP3 karoke format developed by M-live includes coloured text and syllabified. An high quality of the sound ensures the best performances to the most demanding professionals.

SONG SERVICE – Simplification

  1. The finger print allows your identification and the recognition of your preferences.
  2. Simply with a finger, you can browse through the archive, searching songs by title-author-genre etc. The information is clear and detailed: format, authors, prices and devices needed.
  3. The purchase is completed when the receipt will be printed and when the backing tracks will be saved on the devices approved by SIAE.


SongService distributes backing tracks with text in all the principal digital formats and offers the best compatibility with the available devices for playing such as keyboards, expanders, file players, computers etc.

m-live_storia_2MIDI file standard,
compatible with the majority of the available instruments for playing.

logo_mp3_kar_smallSong Service offers also the new format Mp3 Karaoke, developed by M-live: an high quality backing track with coloured text and syllabified, thought for the most demanding professionals. The Mp3 Karaoke backing tracks are saved directly on CDs and can be played with any Mp3 player.

logo_mf3_tempCompressed MIDI file , which can be played with all the versions of Okyweb (Okyweb, Okyweb 2, Okyweb 3, Okyweb 3 super sound) and OkyFlyPC (M-live).

logo_mf4_tempCompressed MIDI file,,
which can be played with OkyFly, OkyFly 2, OkyFly PC (M-live).

logo_mf5_tempMIDI FILE WITH 32 CHANNELS (until to 32 Midi tracks),
which can be played with Okyweb 2, Okyweb 3 e Okyweb 3 Super Sound (M-Live).