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  • Midi – Mp3 Player with video interface
  • LCD TFT 4,3" 95 x 33mm colour display
  • Dual 32 Channel, 108 note Midi generator
  • MP3 file Transposition and Time Stretching , voice cancelling
  • Microphone channel with dynamic compressor, parametric 4-band equalizer, pitch shifter, reverb, delay and pitch adjust (tune your voice)
  • Marker reading*, up to 9,000 playlists with 250 songs each
  • "GO TO" function for linking any two MIDI files
  • Wizard cueing to automatically and musically mix the MIDI files with Markers.
  • 625 sounds & percussions, 25 drum kits on 64 MB
  • Drummers' clock and Expander functions for both Mac & PC
  • MIDI archive with search by title, artist and genre
  • Real-time tracks editing
  • Compact Flash e USB Pen Drive memory
  • Dimensions: W. 31cm - H. 8.5cm - D. 24cm / Weight: 2.5 Kg
*All the Midi Files produced by M-Live come with Markers built-in.

MERISH is avaliable in 2 versions:

Merish BASIC

Merish PLUS, featuring:
  • 3-Voice Harmonizer
  • 15 Insert Effects
  • Wizard Sound Function (WSF)
The INSERT EFFECTS are special effects added to some of the tracks of the Midi accompaniement. For example, a real distrotion effect on an electric guitar, a Flager or a Phaser on an electric piano, a Wah Wah guitar, etc.
Normally, Midi Files have two simple Reverb and Chorus effects, with adjustable levels on each track.

Thanks to the WSF function, Merish Plusadds up to two more INsert Effects to each track, in addition to the standard Midi effects, smartly and without the need of any action by the user.
The user can also manually select teh Insert Effects and adjust their level.
The timbric power delivered by the WSF will make your sound truly unique.

MERISH has a large LCD TFT 4.3" (95x33mm) colour display that continously shows the lyrics of the song being played, even if other functions are activated. Six sliders allow real-time modifications of the volume of the tracks of the Midi file being played. Alla audio levels are easily controlled from the main panel: master volume, Midi backing track volume, Mp3 backing track volume, and individual Midi tracks volumes. The type and the amount f the effect applied to the voice can also be selected.

The MERISH generates its sound by means of two powerful latest-generation DSPs, capable of playing two 32 channels - 108 notesMidi files simultaneously. The sounds are loades in a 64 MB memory bank, and have been specially developed to play M-Live brand Midi files: always the best. For Merish we have created 625 sounds & percussions and 25 drum kits, in line with the latest musical trends.

The Microphone and audio sections include a real digital Mixer, for regulating all the Voice and musical Backing Track parameters. The Microphone channel has two separate effects, a dynamic compressor and a 4-band equalizer.
MERISH is a complete, user-friendly device that delivers all the functions needed for the live performance of Midi and Mp3 files.

Where to find?
Check the list of M-Live distributors worldwide.

Merish Brochure
Download the PDF.

Merish User Guide English Version
German Version

Merish PC 1.7.6
Download the utility for Windows and Mac OSX

Firmware update
Download the latest firmware available for your Merish and follow the simple instructions to update it.

Demo clips
Listen to the unique SOUND of Merish thanks to many audio clips of a large variety of music genres.

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